Retroid is a Swedish indie game studio based in Gothenburg. Our goal is to create premium games with focus on gameplay using modern design and technology with a touch of retro love.


Do you want to write about Retroid or one of our games? Contact us at info@retroid.com if you want more information, be on our press list, request review copies etc.

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Are you a video game publisher or developer seeking to port a title to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Look no further!

We are one of Swedens biggest porting companies and have a dedicated team working with video game ports beyond our original titles. Our main focus is quality, help with console specific features and platform specific QA.

Contact us at port@retroid.com if you are interested in hearing what we can offer for your title.

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We work with most game engines, frameworks and programming languages such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Game Maker and HTML5.

Does your game require networking and Internet connectivity? No problem! We offer custom web services such as leaderboards or UGC content using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.


We mainly focus on porting titles and leave publishing for other companies such as our partner Thunderful.


Social Media Manager

Do you have a green thumb when it comes to cultivating a community? Are your sowing skills rich when it comes to growing a channel? Can you activate a fanbase more efficiently than a runaway plow?

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Brand Communicator

Is your sharp mind looking for an opportunity to develop social growth strategies and identify new opportunities? Do you want to put your analytical skills to good use in a creative environment? Can you imagine yourself being the brand voice of a neighborly and solid game studio?

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Art Director (2D)

Are you looking for a creative turf to set up your brushes and roll out your canvas? Do you dream about happy trees, fluffy clouds, and almighty mountains? Would you like to carry forth your artistic visions in a welcoming environment for 2D graphics?

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