Gather around for a fun evening with PictoParty! Challenge your friends or family in a game of draw and guess. Take turns and draw the words you see on the gamepad touchscreen – the image is simultaneously being plotted live on the TV-screen – for everyone to guess.

Choose from existing dictionaries, packed with more than 700 words, or get creative and make your own lists. The possibilities are never-ending!

  • Up to 15 players at once – but only one Wii U™ GamePad needed.
  • Get creative and add new words.
  • All-against-all or team game.
  • Family-fun for all ages.

Available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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“The perfect companion for a lovely night with friends!”

- NintendoWorldReport (8.5/10)

“PictoParty has become a staple at my place for when I have friends around”

- Vooks (4/5)

“A GamePad Success Story”

- Nintendo Enthusiast (8/10)


Where do I buy the game?

PictoParty is exclusive to Nintendo Wii U. The game is available on the Nintendo eShop, read Here for more information on how to buy games on the eShop.

Can I play PictoParty online with my friends?

PictoParty is a party game to be played in the couch with friends and family, there is currently no way or plans to play it online.

What languages are supported?

PictoParty has in-game, menu text and standard dictionary support for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. You can however create your own dictionaries in your own language! If you want to translate the standard words yourself here is the full list of words: https://goo.gl/fFozf8.

I think I found a bug.

I'm sorry to hear! Please report the bug to support@retroidinteractive.com and we'll try to fix it asap!